Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Raat baki-sex during pregnancy-2


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This is a sex counselling program on Emphasis TV, Asia's very first women channel.Kyunki Raat Abhi Baki Hai deals with all psychological, clinical, and social aspects of sex problems. Customers are answered by qualified experts in this LIVE television show.This program is Secured and also Created by Executive Producer/Programming Head Manisha Upadhye.


23 Responses to “Raat baki-sex during pregnancy-2”
  1. Mahammed Abdul Kaleem says:

    I want know that if I leave my saliva in her mouth n if she drink will she
    get pregnant or not

  2. Shine Roy says:

    Saaray tharki host aur tharki callers are in one show

  3. Bali Bali says:

    Very Informative and productive program ……. The Callers must be
    grateful to the entire team of this Channel/Program ………………….
    Jai Hind…… Cheers, B. A. Shah 

  4. Anamika says:


  5. ali b says:

    Hindustan zindabad

  6. Dhairya Patel says:

    Sharam nai hai inko naange saale

  7. Sangay James says:

    it’s AWESOME

  8. sunny ram says:

    Bachafeni nu soje

  9. Kumar Pradeep says:

    Give me your no

  10. Arif khan Sk says:


  11. Green I says:

    kaya ap ak sawal ka answer dee sakte ha ap

  12. Gautam Patel Patel says:

    Nice to

  13. Raju Raju says:

    apne life patner ke sath anal sex karne se kya koi problam hai koi bimari
    hone ka dar hai kya

  14. Juber Alam says:

    im like sexy girl +966502937858 call Girl

  15. Rajesh Saini says:


  16. Arun Isloor says:


  17. Muhammad Fahad says:

    very good program

  18. Usman Rana says:


  19. shamshad ansari says:


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