Sunday, November 19th, 2017

How To Use A Doppler: Finding the heartbeat in early pregnancy (8+ weeks)


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This is a the best ways to video on the best ways to utilize a fetal doppler to discover the heartbeat in very early maternity. I am presently 9 weeks in this video, yet achieved success at finding it at 8 weeks 2 days pregnant. The doppler I'm making use of is the Sonoline B fetal doppler, and this is my 3rd pregnancy. I wish this was handy. Let me recognize if you have any type of inquiries. As well as, thanks for watching!:-RRB-.
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32 Responses to “How To Use A Doppler: Finding the heartbeat in early pregnancy (8+ weeks)”
  1. Christian Rodriguez says:

    I am 8 weeks and it is really hard to find my baby’s hb

  2. Michelle Chave says:

    I’ve watched several how to videos on this and was finally able to find
    baby’s heartbeat (although for only a few seconds) at 9w2d. He/she is
    hiding under my pubic bone in almost the exact place you found your baby.

  3. Smartie And Steveo says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Eva K says:

    doppler are dangerous for baby and you should not recommend it to other
    mom’s to be. doppler is worst than ultrasound scan and damages your baby
    bran, eyes, internal organs. There are heaps of studies and handful of
    videos on YouTube about this. It’s scary how ignorant people are and do
    them for fun several time a day. check it out its super important if yoy
    care about your unborn child.

    • Rachael Hecker says:

      This doppler is approved by the FDA. Studies show that dopplers and
      ultrasound do NOT cause brain, eye or internal organ damage. Any video or
      study saying otherwise is propaganda or fear mongering to force woman to
      spend money at doctors… who use the same exact tool.

  5. Emmah Mthembu says:

    you just made my day. I could hug you right now. I was beginning to panic.
    been trying to hear the heartbeat since 8w+5days with no luck. been trying
    for the last 30min today at 9w+3days with no luck. watched a couple of vids
    in the past. I just came across yours and decided to try again and BAAM!
    found it in Less than 2 min. It is the most beautiful sound ever. Thank you

  6. Cath Davis (kittiecat) says:

    10 weeks and 2 days today and found it yesterday morning but can’t find it
    today. little one is hiding lol

  7. Christina G says:

    Great video. The swooshing is actually the placenta :)

  8. sidonnie parrish says:

    i used your video and found my baby’s heart beat ! i swore i heard it first
    at the left then i remembered what you said about the left i found it on
    the right was very faint and sounded just the same as the right ! 1o weeks
    4 days !

  9. E.G. Narvaez-Luengo says:

    why did you know how to find your baby “heart beat?

  10. Bing Ning says:

    thats good

  11. korilynne cage says:

    it’s 2016 watched this video 3 times and found baby boo’s fhr this morning.
    first try at 10 weeks♡ thank you!!!fhr 160!

  12. j says:

    :))) ouu I am so happy, This day I am 8weeks and I find my BH!! :))) Have a
    nice day for all people!! :)

  13. Anita E.A. Fofie MD says:

    Thanks for this. I’m going to invest in a Doppler I’m only 4 weeks but
    can’t wait to start using one in a few weeks.

  14. TeaandTimW707 says:

    Thank you for this video. I was able to find baby heartbeat at 7w6d with
    your help 😃💗😍

  15. haseeb shah says:

    v nice

  16. Setareh Fanaei says:

    I will be 10 weeks tomorrow, I’ve been through three miscarriages and would
    love to find my baby’s hb. No luck yet, I’m going to try to find it with
    your video yet it looks kinda scary like you’re going deep inside your
    tummy! I’m so sensitive haha.

  17. Kim Navas says:

    Your tips worked for me! I found my little ones heartbeat at 7w7d!!! So
    crazy!!! It was definitely the baby’s HB, not mine!!!! 😱😱😱😱 thank you!!

  18. Kimberly Burrell says:

    hello, where can i get one the dopplers to buy?

  19. asmat ali says:


  20. Allison's Journey says:

    Subscribe! I upload 5 new videos a week :)

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