Sunday, November 19th, 2017

How to Prevent Pregnancy without Using a Condom


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Attempting to stop maternity after sex without making use of a condom? See this video clip to find out about certain points that you can do to avoid maternity without using a prophylactic.

Gain from our detailed helpful tutorial on how to prevent pregnancy without using a condom.

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27 Responses to “How to Prevent Pregnancy without Using a Condom”
  1. Vikram Sundarraman says:

    this is rubbish video. the most effective way is to go for anal and oral

  2. HeatherStylesLife says:

    You know what they call people who use the rhythm method? …Parents…

  3. dudetocartman says:

    The best (and 100% effective) way to prevent pregnancy without using a
    condom is don’t have sex. It’s simple.

  4. PyroManic says:

    Abstinence is only 99.999% effective =/

  5. noobtube1210 says:

    how the hell is abstinence a an option to prevent pregnancy thats like how
    to prevent a accident while driving is to not drive at all. I don’t think
    you even need to mention that as an option.

  6. Kyle Tee says:

    follow these “tips”

  7. Funk says:

    does this prevent pregnancy once she is already pregnant

  8. Jswild Man says:

    Hay there is a better way of not getting pregnant its called not having

  9. Daniel Willems says:

    Who are these fucking morons, giving this advice?Not exactly a matter to
    gamble with, is it?How about using e.g. contraceptive pills?Safe as hell!

  10. Rex Ultimatum says:

    Get fixed.

  11. Roommate says:

    I have a method for horny guys like me, it’s called porn and it’s free like

  12. Moses Matsuzawa says:

    What about if a girl is still virgin? Would you recommend that the first
    insertion would be without a condom or with a condom already? What’s your
    opinion and what did you do in your own experience?

  13. Himmest22 says:

    This is literally the magic that can possibly assist you to clear
    infertility and very soon you are able to welcome your new family member.
    ( )

  14. Sarah Allison says:

    pregnant with him😳

  15. fiona3637 says:

    The Billings method, the one where the woman checks consistency of mucus is
    as reliable as birth control pills if the woman knows what she is doing and
    what to look for. I bet my life on this method for several years after the
    birth of my son. It worked. I trusted my life with it and it worked. Had to
    have a hysterectomy eventually for medical reasodns, but until that time,
    my husband and I relied on the Billings method. No pills, no artificial
    hormones, no health concerns, no sex for about a week a month. Which makes
    it even sweeter when you can. A red rose in a vase on the bedside table
    lets your spouse know tonight is strictly cuddling.

  16. Yoga108 says:

    Splash her instead. Facials great for skin. Or tantra, you feel more energy
    and attraction after sex instead of blowing it away and feeling tired and
    loss of energy.

  17. Jose Ramirez says:

    What if I ejaculated before I have sex with my girlfriend will that prevent
    pregnancy ?

  18. Thomas Owusu-Abayie says:

    My pull out game strong, just ask my kids, oh yeah l aint got none because
    my pull out game strong!

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